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Miriam is an experienced and dynamic speaker with expertise in young adult and adult friendships, romantic relationships, parenting, communication, conflict resolution, and stress management. She specializes in making research-based information and practical strategies accessible, relatable, and easily incorporated into real relationships and everyday life. Miriam regularly speaks at national and international conferences and her message on the importance of social connection resonates with corporate and academic audiences as well as at community events.

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Young adulthood is marked by big changes and transitions: Moving away from home, starting university, launching careers, and investing in romantic relationships. That’s why having positive, stable friendships is so important; Our friends keep us grounded when everything else feels uncertain. But friendships also go through their own unique changes and challenges during this time. Drawing directly on her research, Miriam will show you how to manage friendship transgressions and roommate conflicts, cope with “friendsickness”, and navigate the role of social media so you can find a group of friends that supports who you are and who you ultimately want to be.
As we get older, it becomes increasingly difficult to make friends. Where should we look to meet new people and what should we say to someone we would like to be friends with? Holding on to our existing friendships can also be a challenge, especially when we’re trying to balance it all‒ our friendships, romantic relationships, and careers. In this talk, explore new ways to make friends as an adult and find out how you can maintain the friendships that really matter. Learn how to overcome the practical and personal roadblocks that are stopping you from fully engaging in your relationships, both old and new.
Navigating friendships when you are a mom can be tough! Whether it is meeting new people, finding the time to socialize, or dealing with mom guilt, making friends and setting up your own “playdates” is not always straightforward or easy to do. In this interactive workshop geared towards new moms, learn why making the time for your own friendships is a non-negotiable and learn tips for building your support group.
Friendships are absolutely vital for our emotional and physical health. But because they are so deeply intertwined with our sense of well-being, they can also affect us in some surprisingly negative ways. Find out what really distinguishes a healthy friendship from one that is toxic and learn actionable tips on how you can strengthen your existing relationships and “detox” from those that are imbalanced, draining, or destructive.
The research is clear. When we are socially connected at work, we are happier and more productive and engaged. But there are unique challenges that need to be managed when it comes to making friends with colleagues. In this talk, explore how to build supportive, effective teams, resolve conflicts, find the balance between the personal and professional, and make your friendships work for you.
Why do we have no trouble treating others with respect and compassion but struggle to do the same for ourselves? In this workshop you will learn to silence your inner critic, find practical and personal self-care strategies, and discover what it really means to be your own best friend.

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Miriam has extensive experience speaking about other topics related to dating, parenting, work-life balance, stress management, and life transitions and customizes each talk and workshop according to your audience and needs.


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